Power Cost Equalization

                  New! On-line PCE reporting coming soon!

    In response to concerns raised by rural utilities about the need for faster payment processing and more simplified reporting, AEA has developed an on-line PCE reporting portal. Starting in July AEA will be working closely with a small handful of utilities to test the new portal. After the testing period is complete, any needed improvements and adjustments will be made before rolling it out in the winter for other interested utilities in a waved approach. This new tool will be an option for utilities – it will not be mandatory.

   The PCE Web Portal will allow utilities to submit monthly reports directly to a form on the web. Benefits of the portal include easier submission of the PCE reports, savings on postage, a faster turnaround for payment, and convenient access to historic UMR’s in digital form.

    Any questions regarding the new web portal should be directed to Jeff Williams, PCE Program Manager: jwilliams@akenergyauthority.org; by dialing toll free at (888) 300-8534 or directly at (907) 771-3929.

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PCE Program Fact Sheet                                                


The goal of Alaska Energy Authority's (AEA) Power Cost Equalization program is to provide economic assistance to customers in rural areas of Alaska where the kilowatt-hour charge for electricity can be three to five times higher than the charge in more urban areas of the state. Approximately 30% of all kWh’s sold by the participating utilities are eligible for PCE.            

PCE fundamentally improves Alaska’s standard of living by helping small rural areas maintain the availability of communications and the operation of basic infrastructure and systems, including water and sewer, incinerators, heat and light.  PCE is a core element underlying the financial viability of centralized power generation in rural communities.              


The Legislature established different functions for AEA and the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) under Alaska Statutes 42.45.100-170, which govern PCE program responsibilities.

AEA determines eligibility of community facilities and residential customers and authorizes payment to the electric utility. Commercial customers are not eligible to receive PCE credit. Participating utilities are required to reduce each eligible customer’s bill by the amount that the State pays for PCE.

RCA determines if a utility is eligible to participate in the program and calculates the amount of PCE per kWh payable to the utility.  More information about the RCA may be found at www.state.ak.us/rca .

Power Cost Equalization Program Guide
PCE Program Statutes AS 42.45.110
PCE Eligibility and Certification Determination Request Form


For more information contact

Jeff Williams, PCE Program Manager, Community Assistance
Tel. (907) 771-3929
Fax (907) 771-3044

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